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Happy People Project – a micro network

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About Us

About Us

Creativity and effectivity.​
What good is one without the other?​

We build strategies that give way to relevant bright ideas.​ We create ideas that make a significant impact.​ And all the while, we keep the smiles on our faces.​ And hence the name…​


naive as it may seem, in a world where standing out is becoming incrementally harder, happy is the key to making a difference. only people who enjoy what they do can create communication that will leave a mark. happy is our why. it is our how. and it is our what.


insight is our fuel. data is our companion. tech is our engine. but all good for one and one destination only: the human emotion. which is why, instinct, is our compass. we create for people, so we have to create as people.


this is for our beta approach. we know full well that what is ideal for today, may very well be obsolete tomorrow. so we follow a certain set of principles, but we do not confine ourselves to a set of rules. we refresh everyday. not to adopt. but to lead.

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